Senin, 13 Februari 2017

VW T6 from B & B Automobiltechnik


You often have to transport many people from A to B? Then a VW T6 is definitely on the top of your shopping list. But what if the top diesel with 204 hp is not top enough? B & B Automobiltechnik now offers some tuning options for the bus.

Up to 275
horsepower The Timming is divided into two stages at B & B. For almost 1,700 euros, it goes from 204 to 240 hp and from 450 to 500 Newtonmeter of torque. The additional power is achieved with a new adjustment of the engine electronics and a slight increase in the charge pressure by 0.2 bar. For just under 3,000 Euros, the customer gets the stage two of the Kraftkur at B & B. This raises the engine power to 275 hp and the torque to 560 Newtonmeter. Intake paths, air ducts and charge air cooling are optimized and the engine software is tuned even more aggressively.

Cooling, sound and chassis
In addition to the pure power increases, B & B also offers an additional oil cooling system. This costs nearly 1,000 euros and is to reduce the oil temperature by up to 25 degrees. Also for almost 1,000 euros there is a sound generator, with which one can exchange diesel sounds against V6-, or V8-sounds. In addition, the Siegener also offer sport springs and a coil drive from KW for the T6. For 400 and 1,970 euros, the bus can be lowered to 65 millimeters - especially with regard to low car parks not to despise. But also the driving dynamics should make a step forward with the suspension tuning.

Wheels and brakes
B & B also takes care of the rims of the T6. Light alloy wheels in 20 inch cost including tires in 275/30 nearly 5,000 euros. Behind the large wheels is optionally available a high-performance braking system with 396 discs and six pistons. A sensible investment, the B & B-T6 with engineered for stage two creates a whopping 215 km / h.